About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is situated in central Asia. It is linked to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan from its four directions. Uzbekistan is more significant than California. This country has placed itself on the 42nd place in term of population. Its capital is Tashkent. Its local language is Uzbek. 90 % of its population is Muslim, 5% are Christian, and the other 5% are belonging to other religions. The people of Uzbekistan are well educated and take education as the essential thing to have in life. Even the students from foreign countries come here to pursue their education. So many students attract MBBS in Uzbekistan. This country offers a unique environment for study. Countries' transportation services are well managed and very convenient for everyone. Uzbekistan is a cultural and historical nation.

Uzbekistan is among those countries where you will be going to find a rich culture and also the surroundings will excite you. Officially, it is pronounced as the Republic of Uzbekistan, and it is a country in Central Asia. When it comes to looking at the countries which are surrounding Uzbekistan, then it includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. It is quite interesting to see that this country is enriched with a lot of diversity, culture and heritage which let people explore it more. If you are looking forward to settling in Uzbekistan for any reason you can consider the example of pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan then you need to know about it.


One can mark the region of Uzbekistan to be added, and the average rainfall here is around 8 inches annually. The rainfall here is in winter and spring. But apart from it, it is quite interesting to see the average temperature here in July is 32 degree Celsius. The houses here are designed in a manner that person cannot feel any kind of trouble when they are deciding here. The climate here affects drainage and also contributes to irrigation, filtration and evaporation system.


The native language belongs to people residing in Uzbekistan includes Turkic language and Karkalpkstan. More than half of million people spoke the same language. Also, 1/7th population of the country speak Russian. Some people are also aware of English and hence visitor will not going to face any kind of trouble whenever they are coming here.


The religion persists here among all the Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims. They are known to be among those Muslims who are a lot of devoted. Also, if someone who belongs to other country coming here for any purpose like MBBS in Uzbekistan, there is no trouble will be created to them. The people here are so friendly that they will welcome you with their open hearts.

Places to visit

When you are coming to Uzbekistan and looking forward to exploring it then here you will be going to see a lot of places to explore the world this country is enriched with trade, industry, agriculture, medical departments, monuments, and so on. One just needs to step outside and explore it. Within no time they have the idea available that why Uzbekistan hits in the category of the most visited country these days.

Indian Students Lifestyle In Uzbekistan:

  1. Indian student finds high-quality education while pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan. Science experts and students from the world live here.
  2. This country is very diverse and friendly. Indians are treated with love.
  3. We recommend Uzbekistan for medical study because students will explore the cultural activities here along with their studies.
  4. Uzbekistan is a very traditional country. The people here follow their traditions and very focused on their education.
  5. Its local language is Uzbek, but people also speak fluent English. This will make Indians living easy here.
  6. As this country is not very expensive, plus has very well managed transportation services, the students here live a comfortable life.
  7. Indian students either choose to stay in university hostels or rent an apartment. Both are comfortable living. But the hostel life is much more advantageous.
  8. University hostels are equipped with modern facilities. It is safer than an apartment. Every university has a separate hostel for girls and boys.
  9. For the Indian students, universities have Indian food mess. Getting admission in MBBS in Uzbekistan is also very easy.

Total Fee Structure of MBBS In Uzbekistan: At a Glance

Name of Universities Total 5 Year Fee Structure  (Tuition Fee + Hostel fee)
Bukhara State Medical Institute 15,05,000 INR
Tashkent Medical Academy 14,00,000 INR
Samarkand State Medical Institute 14,50,000 INR
Andijan State Medical Institute 15,05,000 INR

Eligibility of mbbs admission in Uzbekistan:

To get MBBS admission in Uzbekistan, the students must follow the eligibility criterion. There are several universities which offer MBBS in Uzbekistan with the easy admission procedure. The admissions are directly based on the marks obtained in the 12th standard. Minimum passing marks in English are a must for MBBS admission in Uzbekistan. MBBS admission in Uzbekistan is based on the following criteria.

  1. The medical aspirants must complete the age of 17 years by the 31st December of the admission year.
  2. The students are required to score a minimum of 50% marks in physics, chemistry, and biology at the 12th level.
  3. The students should have a NEET scorecard with qualifying marks.

Admission Procedure of MBBS In Uzbekistan:

The Indian students are needed to apply for the MBBS admission in Uzbekistan by the 31st of July. In Uzbekistan, the visa processing time is only three days. You can apply for a visa and admission through the online process. The classes for the MBBS are started from the first or second week of September. MBBS admission in Uzbekistan required the following documents.

  1. Detailed mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard
  2. Passport with two years validity
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Medical insurance
  5. HIV test reports
  6. Invitation letter