About Information Technology

B. Tech Information Technology Engineering is an undergraduate course pursued under the engineering spectrum. The duration of the course is 4 years and it is equally divided into 8 semesters. B.Tech IT Engineering subjects include basic engineering subjects like maths and physics combined with in-depth basic computer engineering subjects and its applications in information science and networking which forms the major part of the study of Information Technology Engineering. It also deals with the working, maintenance, designing, and analysis of various network algorithms and communication systems that can be used across domains such as receiving big data for analysis, cloud computing, wireless networking, etc and analysis of various types of networks and ensuring proper security system is maintained throughout.

The amount of knowledge obtained from this course can also be expanded to other applications such as webpage designing and software or application designing. The Computer engineering subjects that are pursued in this course are Object Oriented programming, JAVA programming, Operating Systems, and their controls, Database Management Systems, Algorithm Designing and Analysis, Computer architecture, etc, and the fundamental computational and communications subjects which are pursued in this course are Communication Systems, Microprocessor, and Microcontroller Applications, Coding and Communications, Human-computer communication, etc that are inclined towards the application of communication systems and software programming and subjects such as Fourier analysis, numerical methods, partial differentiation, etc focus on problem-solving methods that are very much essential for a skilled Data Analyst and Database management Engineer in complex analysis and data modeling process.

B Tech Information Technology course provides the adequate knowledge to the students related to ways of designing an efficient and safe network system for numerous applications and communications systems that are used to enhance information retrieval rates and connectivity to one place to another. The minimum eligibility for this course is 50% in 10+2 exams with Physics, Maths, and Science as base subjects from any recognized boards. The B.Tech IT jobs for the graduates are available in plenty owing to a predominance of the IT Sector in the job market over the past 2 decades. As there is a wide range of development across the efficient networking and communication across various sectors such as data analysis, software development, artificial intelligence, etc,

B.Tech Information Technology Course Fee in India:

Information Technology Engineering colleges in India are very high in number. The course fee for Information Technology Engineering is similar compared to other specializations in engineering. Information Technology Engineering average course fee ranges from INR 25Kto 2 Lakh per annum.

B.Tech Information Technology Course Salary in India:

Information Technology Engineering graduates are among the high earners compared to other engineering graduates depending on their steady progress in the field that is very highly competitive. Owing to higher work rates and a high amount of technicalities associated with their job, they are often provided a higher pay scale than other domains in the Software Engineering field. The average B.Tech Information Technology salary in India is 5.69 Lakh per annum. The incentives and pay hikes are subjected to experience gained and work ethics possessed by the candidate. There are several job openings for Information Technology in India, owing to a predominant surge in the market for Information Technology which seems to be never hitting the saturation point.

B.Tech Information Technology Course Details
Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Information Technology) is 4 Years.
Age 17-23
Minimum Percentage 50-60%
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Average Fees Incurred INR 25,000 - 2 L per annum
Similar Options of Study B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering), B.Tech (Information Science and Engineering), B.Tech (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) etc.
Average Salary Offered INR 5.68 L per annum
Employment Roles Senior Software Engineer, Associate Software Engineer, Systems Engineer - IT, Programmer Analyst, Java Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer, Test Engineer etc.
Placement Opportunities Infosys Limited, HCL Technologies Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, Accenture, Accenture Technology Solutions, Wipro, Capgemini, Cognizant, Oracle, etc.
About B.Tech Information Technology

The B.Tech Information Technology course is an undergraduate engineering course, which is designed to provide insights on major aspects of fundamental Information Technology and its wider applications in the areas of networking and cybersecurity. Information Technology engineering deals with basic engineering concepts and its application in various computer applications and various related fields such as Designing of Networks and connections, Computer Architecture, Software Designing, Data Processing, Communication Systems, etc. Information Technology includes both

The vast amount of knowledge obtained from this course can be expanded to various other technological applications such as robotics equipment manufacturing and computational designing that are deployed in various domains. The B.Tech Information Technology syllabus facilitates the expansion of streams as students are provided with numerous specializations under Information Technology subjects as electives which helps them branch out into various fields that require an Information Technology engineer.

The B.Tech Information Technology course duration is the same as every engineering course of 4 years which is briefly divided into 8 semesters of study. The subjects are designed in a sequential order to first enhance the candidates with basic engineering concepts and move onto the applied Information Technology and Computer science fundamentals in networking design and analysis along with applications of communication techniques and devices and further move on to electrical systems applications in the construction of communication systems and application of network sciences in data processing and cybersecurity. The amount of knowledge obtained in Information Technology is always unbound as aspirants who are keen on acquiring greater depth of knowledge about information technology and networking engineering can opt for higher studies in Master of Technology [M. Tech](Information Technology) or M.Tech(Data Science and Networking) or Masters in any specialized course such as Cybersecurity, communication systems, Big data analytics, Digital Systems Technology, and Embedded Systems, etc in premium universities across India and abroad.

What is B.Tech Information Technology?

Information Technology in engineering is one of the predominant and popular engineering disciplines in the world and will certainly be the go-to course in engineering among Indian students, which has been toiled around for the past two decades and yet has produced numerous job opportunities and career scopes. The Information Technology Engineering degree course is a 4-year engineering undergraduate engineering program that primarily focuses on the applications of computer engineering in the broadening field of Information Technology. The B.Tech program in the Information Technology Engineering course offers a combination of electronics, networking, and computer-related courses allowing the students to take up as a profession in the related field. Information Technology course primarily focuses on the study of the three main areas of specialization in Information Technology namely:

  1. Network administration
  2. Computer support
  3. Programming

Information Technology engineering has a wide scope of applications in the current requirements and functionalities and also in future requirements. With the development of major networking concepts such as SD-WAN, 5G, and much more and its applications across various devices and sectors, the once overcrowded information technology jobs have started to handpick talented people for quite some time now. This course deals with the management of computers apart from focussing on computation techniques and analysis. Information Technology is a combination of application-oriented programming, hardware and components administration, software development and administration, networking, and network security, data processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The subjects are designed in a sequential order to first enhance the candidates with basic engineering concepts and move onto applied Information Technology engineering. The Information Technology syllabus consists of subjects such as:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Communication Engg & Coding Theory
  3. Web Page designing using JS and HTML
  4. Principles of Communication systems
  5. Analog and Digital Circuits
  6. Electronics and Communication Systems
  7. System Integration And Architecture
  8. Network Protocols And Programming
  9. Database Management Systems
  10. Information Security 
  11. Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking
Why Choose B.Tech Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and the internet to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. IT is considered a subset of information and communications technology (ICT). Information Technology Engineering is one of the most demanding career streams among the candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in foundations of computer engineering and fundamentals along with its prolonged list of applications including network management, database management system, electronic communication system development, software development, and much more boundless applications. The course is beneficial to equip students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world engineering problems and to manage complex engineering projects that are to be implemented.

It enables students to pursue a career in software development and communication technology sectors. During this course, the students will be trained to enhance their practical skills in both fundamental software engineering and its applications in the webpage designing so that they can understand the work ethics required for both the industries and can branch out depending upon their interests and specializations. Over the years with the great expansion of Information Technology into several application centered prospects such as artificial intelligence and the basis of applying Information Technology to develop new methods of communication have increased tremendously over the years. This branch of engineering consists of a mixture of several career fields, as students learn both information technology and basic computer engineering and application of the same in electronics, networking, Cybersecurity applications, and much more.

In recent years, the demand for Information Technology engineering has drastically reduced due to the increase in the number of recruitment in the field and a massive reduction of core-based opportunities for other departments. This has called up the occasion for the IT sector to provide jobs and mass exodus in a periodic cycle, causing mass job insecurity even for IT core people. However, the IT sector is looking to expand over the recent developments that require technically sound people for the job.

B.Tech Information Technology Admissions:

Admission to B.Tech Information Technology program is through both entrance examination and merit-based. Certain universities offer both direct admission and entrance based admission to the program.

Candidates who are applying for the B.Tech Information Technology program should beforehand have their results from the respective Entrance Exams required by the selected/opted Universities. Certain Universities require Candidates to have given any of the applicable Entrance Exams for B Tech Information Technology whose applications for admissions can be availed either from the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the same.

Most of the Universities/Colleges conduct a common entrance test for admission into B.Tech courses (like BITS, SRMJEE, VITEEE) or take admissions through commonly held B.Tech Entrance Exams like JEE Main and JEE advanced. Students have to qualify these exams (for which they should be eligible to appear) to get admission to the course. Apart from qualifying, students are also expected to secure good ranks in the national level examinations to get into premium institutes of India such as the Indian Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology.

Upon the conclusion of the test, a merit list of qualified candidates is prepared and candidates are invited for counseling and admission process by the respective university or college. After the admission process, the final allotment of seats to the candidate takes place and the candidate is asked to deposit the fee for the course and register for the respective academic year. Candidates are also advised to have a look at the list of Entrance Exams applicable for B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation, for various Universities. Candidates should also make sure they qualify in the Education Eligibility criteria with the minimum required marks and carry all required documents with them during the time of admissions.

Certain Information Technology colleges provide admissions via direct method or management quota for academically lagging students, in which the students will be asked to pay a capitation fee and take an undertaking to improve his/her academic performances in the following academic years. Candidates are advised to have a look at the list of Entrance Exams applicable for B.Tech Information Technology for various Universities. Candidates should also make sure they qualify in the Education eligibility criteria with the minimum required marks to get admission in their desired college.